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Fluiditi was a business created by NCR in 2000 from a joint venture formed to investigate new way of protecting ATMs and creating a unique way of securing cash replenishment specifically for NCR ATMs.

  Information Icon   Oberthur Cash Protection (operating as Axytrans) purchased this business from NCR in early 2007.  

All of Fluiditi products are available to customers, so please read more about a range of cost-effective ink marking systems that improve security and reduce the cost of protecting cash. Additional information is available at www.oberthurcp.com

Fluiditi Carisafe being transported across pavement

Stained Notes in cassette - link to movie downloadDownload our latest "Security Activation" video today. (5.7 Mb)
The video depicts the ink system activating in a cassette that has been tampered with.
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Fluiditi ink-stained banknote